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ALittle Longer - Jenn Johnson & Bethel Music - You Make Me Brave

thank you The bird sings! I 8767 ve been looking for this!!! for our community singing circle!!! :DDD

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[97] Now, after the king was departed, Judas was not idle for as many of his own nation came to him, so did he gather those that had escaped out of the battle together, and gave battle again to Antiochus's generals at a village called Adasa and being too hard for his enemies in the battle, and killing a great number of them, he was at last himself slain also. Nor was it many days afterward that his brother John had a plot laid against him by Antiochus's party, and was slain by them.

[7] It is true, these writers have the confidence to call their accounts histories wherein yet they seem to me to fail of their own purpose, as well as to relate nothing that is sound. For they have a mind to demonstrate the greatness of the Romans, while they still diminish and lessen the actions of the Jews, [8] as not discerning how it cannot be that those must appear to be great who have only conquered those that were little. Nor are they ashamed to overlook the length of the war, the multitude of the Roman forces who so greatly suffered in it, or the might of the commanders, whose great labours about Jerusalem will be deemed inglorious, if what they achieved be reckoned but a small matter.

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[9.] [85] And now the king's wife loosed the king's brethren, and made Alexander king, who appeared both elder in age, and more moderate in his temper than the rest who, when he came to the government, slew one of his brethren, as affecting to govern himself but had the other of them in great esteem, as loving a quiet life, without meddling with public affairs.

8775 I hate you, I hate this house, I hate Christmas! 8776

Lovers (Live a Little Longer) is a song by ABBA , released on their 6979 album Voulez-Vous .

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