I like to call the Mancubus the Fat-Bastard But feel free to call him by his real name if you wish These bastards were also one of the mini-bosses on Doom 7.

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If your main character is an English professor who constantly complains about all his students 8767 spelling mistakes, maybe make sure your own writing is impeccable. I 8767 m looking at you, . Kluge (Gone Tomorrow).

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Out of the three that are listed as likely signings for the Jays, I reasonably think that Watson makes the most sense

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With a setlist already littered with rarities and tour premieres, Bruce moved the intensity up a notch with Youngstown, Candy's Room, She's the One, and Because the Night. Springsteen, as a lead guitarist, is one of this writer's favorites. The bite in his lead lines, coupled with a mix of sparsity and (that word again) intensity, has few peers. His playing on Candy's Room was stunning, while Nils left us in awe during breakout pieces on Youngstown and Because the Night. Bruce fell to his knees during She's the One. If the pit wasn't so packed, we would have followed suit in salutation.

Bruce hollered We come from a land of immigrants! over Max's rolling beat as the band rollicked into American Land, but it was like starting a car in third gear. Of course it felt right especially to this American ex-pat with Irish ancestors who passed through Ellis Island but whether it was Melbourne's bright twilight, or AAMI Park's rugby pitch dimensions, or a bad platter of sushi backstage, the normally roaring E Street Band was a bit tempered.

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8) I like semi-colons, but I also like saffron. I use each sparingly. They are expensive.

I don 8767 t think you understand how little money they have committed compared to how much they can spend. They threw $68 million down the toilet this year and it doesn 8767 t hurt them at all going forward. The Phillies inevitably will have a few bad contracts. Every team does. And they can afford more than other teams.

Here 8767 s hoping the Sox don 8767 t sign JD Martinez. He 8767 s a defensive liability and I remain unconvinced about his bat Hanley all over again. The Red Sox solution relies on a trade, not free agents.

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