I mean QALY, and I am somehow not *quite* so cynical about the motives of the feminist movement as you are. People sometimes do work together to make the world a better place. That they are often too busy squabbling over relative power to do so doesn 8767 t mean it can never happen.

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I believe that I should date thin women because that is what I 8767 m attracted to, but I would never shame other men for having different preferences.

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I was on top, riding him, at times leaning back and grinding when I felt myself cumming and had NO refractory period. It was a whole body orgasm that didn’t paralyze me like a clit orgasm does.

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I 8767 d also endorse Clarisse Thorn 8767 s 8775 Confessions of a Pickup artist chaser 8776 which helped me a lot and attempts to construct an idea of 8775 ethical game 8776 taking the less toxic elements of PUA

If this is not obvious, consider all the different cell types in the human body. They usually have the same DNA, but they express different genes at different levels, because they have enough information to 8775 know 8776 what to do.

It’s honestly one of the biggest loads of crap I’ve ever heard. Nice Guys are arrogant, egotistical, selfish douche bags who run around telling the world about how they’re the perfect boyfriend and they’re just so nice. But you know what? If these guys were genuinely nice, they wouldn’t be saying things like “the bitch stuck me in the friend zone because she only likes assholes.” Guess what? If she actually only liked assholes, then she would likely be super attracted to you because you are one.

And you 8767 ve also hit the little-known fourth criterion, annoying me personally not just because you insulted my girlfriend but because the resulting emotional mess it caused prevented them from getting some important work done for me last night.

But those are not the only options. The context is not what to do with an addict who comes asking for help. Such a person should be offered the best treatment, even if no treatment is effective. The context is what to do with addict-thieves. The old guideline was jail. The new guideline is rehab. If people go through rehab only to end up in jail in 7 years, why bother? Why not keep the old system? At least they are not stealing from jail. Scott talks about improving the life of addicts. Dalrymple has given up on the addicts and wants to improve the life of their victims.

Not quite, Nancy it 8767 s not that the righties believe that poverty is the fault of the poor person, it 8767 s that they believe that wealth is the credit of the rich person. Still absurd, but not quite the same thing.

Absolutely, and I didn 8767 t mean to imply that either of the tendencies I mentioned are or should be universal. (Fortunately for me, my last girlfriend didn 8767 t mind that I don 8767 t exactly exude social dominance).

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