Call it meridians, or anything else you like. I think it is more interesting to look at the symbolics. I think the sensory trick shows us that we can help ourselves, that resolution is literally within reach. I also think that it shows us that once we reconnect with our bodies, usually by touching our head (mind) with our hand (body), the problem is gone. Our traumas have made us disconnect from the body. Reconnecting is healing.

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Als Korrektorin zu arbeiten bedeutet fü r mich nicht nur, mich mit Fragen eines korrekten und guten Sprachgebrauchs auseinanderzusetzen - nein, ich bekomme zusä tzlich Einblick in die unterschiedlichsten wissenschaftlichen Themen.

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We all have a more or less clear idea of what satire is and realize that it in its full-blown, no-holds-barred form it is always  scathing. However, that doesn’t alter the fact that even on the Island of Great Brexit it  leaves a few poor souls, including those so-called politicians,  stone cold while many others only warm to its charms on occasion. I always found it astonishing that scathing satire could sometimes fail to ignite the fuse of laughter, but clearly it’s possible to have a temperament ill-adjusted to this type of humour, or one that which easily mistakes incendiary satire for poisoned malice directed at the innocent.

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. seit einiger Zeit unter anderem sehr gerne fü r Scribbr und habe schon zahlreiche Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten sowie Dissertationen lektoriert. Es ist immer wieder spannend, wem man in den Arbeiten begegnen und welche Ideen man vorfinden wird. Sehr gerne lasse ich mich dann fesseln - buchstä blich.

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To celebrate its 55th Anniversay, harmonia mundi presents 55 masterworks in the development of Western classical music, performed by undisputed masters in their field. This set features over 86 hours of music (all complete works, no excerpts) of music in audiophile-quality sound, elequently packaged in a deluxe boxed set and offered at a very low price. Whether you are an inquisitive novice or a discerning connoisseur, you will be thrilled to experience the sonic triumphs of the world's most innovative independent label.

I think you do have the courage for it. You have already had the courage to bring yourself in a situation to be able to get to the root of your neck problem. Also, you have already had the courage to honestly analyse and acknowledge the root cause(s) of your problem. As far as I understand, you did that within 6 or 7 days. That is amazing! Most people with CD have a much harder time to face the message of their physical symptoms. Many are inclined to believe that they were unlucky, that it just happened to them, and leave it at that.

Born in Sweden, raised and educated in English and having lived in Austria for many years, I am actually trilingual. English has, however, always been my first language, and the language closest to my heart. It was thus quite natural to pursue a career as a German English translator. Meanwhile I have 85+ years of working experience, which includes consecutive interpretation, journalism, language teaching, and working as an international civil servant for various UN organisations. Now I and my husband Malcolm, who is an English writer and poet, very much enjoy working for SCRiBBR. We live in beautiful Wales.

Auch jetzt noch liegen mir Studenten sehr am Herzen und ich freue mich jedes Mal, wenn ich sie auf irgendeine Weise bei einem ihrer vielen studentischen Stressmomente entlasten kann.

Satire cannot burn The Plain Man who live quietly next door, because nobody would recognize them except his neighbours resulting in a gaping chasm of silence where there should be ecstatic laughter. At the most he can serve as anonymous models for a satire of a group, . social class, political party, etc. to which they belong, but then his identity is lost in that crowd. Satire cannot hit him anywhere near as it easily does the leaders of such groups.

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